Designed for you

Private Label


are specialized in private label

guarantee the best quality according to international certification

can produce fully ecological cosmetics, vegan cosmetics etc.

can find for you any package that you like

also produce cosmetic packages by ourself which are available within few days

can produce for you any kind of bulk – something completely new or something based on your samples

have a wide varienty of colors or produce your individual color

take care of your product starting from project, finishing at organising transport

produce all kinds of color cosmetic in one place

have over 35 years of experience

Define your needs

Build your product

in 6 simple steps

01. Choose package

One of the most important think about cosmetic is the way you present it.

Let us know, what is your vision, give us some inspiration and we will surely find something interesting for you. You can choose from wide variety ofpackages produced by ourself or we can find for you something what meets your expectation. From very traditional types of packages to somne new developed packages. We cooperate with producers from around the world – from Asia, Europe and USA

02. Imagine finish and design of your brand

If you choose the ideal packages for your product, you need to think about the design.

We offer all of the techniques, which can underline your logo, brigthen your package or just stand out from other cosmetic manufacturer.

We offer: HS and silkscreen print, any kind of metalisation, labels created just for you, decorative sleeve which underline the beauty of your cosmetic.

03. Decide what kind of bulk you want

Finished package is just the beginning. Now, you have to think what would you like to offer to your customer.

Think about the special requirements of the bulk. Whenever you need it to be O’’ko- confirm, some ecological certification or you just need good

Quality product – we are open to create something you want. We have a wide range of ready bulks, from which you can easily find something interesting for you. Of course, if you want something special just let us know.

If you like some kind of the product and you could not find anything interesting from our standard range, just give us a sample and we will prepare the same bulk especially for you!

04. Think about your favorite colors

Even the best bulk will be nothing without the proper colors.

You can easily find something you like from our very wide range of colors. We have over 300+ Nail Polish colors, over 200 + lipstick colors and even more eyeshadows.

If you need special color created only for you or you have some inspiration from other manufactures – we can easily prepare the sample you!

05. Find the best way to pack it

After having ready product, it needs to have a proper look on the shop shelf.

We offer you many options of the packages. For example we can prepare made to measure carton box , leaflet with description, some sets, especially made trays or just single product itself.

We are open to prepare some occasional packages, e.g. Advents calendar, Christmas gift etc.

If you want ecological product, we can produce it from special paper, which meets all standards.

06. Think of any special logistic requirements

When your product is ready, you need to meet special logistic criteria.

Whatever is needed by you: is it 3 – pack, 5 – pack or 50 units per small cartoons? Just let us know about the requirements and we will take care of it.

We can pack your product within polybag, protective sleeve, small cartons or just single – we will meet all the standards you want.

Research & Development

Our R&D Department takes care of every part of your bulk.

We observe the newest trends, test new kind of raw materials and search for some new and unique formulation. We also create colors especially for your needs.

In our lab we are testing cosmetics with microbiology and dermatology. We cooperate with a few laboratories around the Europe as well. We can check for example, if you product is antibacterial.

We exchange your ideas into your products.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control Department takes care of your product even before we start the production process.

Phase 1

all of the used materials for package, raw materials for bulk are being checked, before we start production

Phase 2

your product is checked and controlled on each production step. We check bulk, printing, box and much more

Phase 3

final checking before packaging and leaving our factory


Export, Sale:
ukpltel: +48 46 857 89 14/15 ext.115
ruczpltel: +48 46 857 89 14/15 ext.104
Marketing: tel: +48 22 755 28 00 ext.113